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Lab Interpretation - Can you solve my health issues?

I have been having noticeable symptoms since the summer of 2019. One of the abnormal blood levels I found was low testosterone. I started Testosterone Cyp in January 2020 thinking this was the issues but the only benefit I have found is increased libido (but rarely morning erections). I started off on 100mg/week, three months later I increased to 120mg/week where I am still at currently with no relief of other symptoms.

For a more thorough backstory please read my other post: Advice Needed: TRT / Thyroid / Anemia / Nutrition / Adrenal

If you could please review my spreadsheet that contains all labs and see if anything sticks out that would be greatly appreciated.

I am working with doctors and exploring other options but figured this is a good place to get input on hormonal issues (or anything else someone might pick up on).

Specific areas of concern are Iron, thyroid, adrenals, and electrolytes.

Thanks in advance!

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