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So...after reading multiple articles about this rampage that the US Gvt has gone on, I decided to check out a couple places that I'm familiar with. To my dismay, I saw that a very reliable source has modified certain things. If anyone has any information on the very reputable source for API, please pm me. I would like to engage in further communication about this topic, however not here. Thanks

PS: Most people will know right away whether or not they know what I'm talking about. If it takes you a while to figure out who it is, you are not one I want to talk to. Thanks anyways though.


The lack of credibility with a mere 10 posts far outweighs the logic any knowledgeable person would have in speaking to you of that source.


I'm sorry that I don't post much, but I can give you my creds if you want. PM me if you want them. Either way, I'd like to discuss the status of this guy.


Who are your references? and what do you want?


Post your resume, DOB, SSN, your complete life history, 10 references, complete set of dental records and a stool sample and we will think about it.


alright i will. thanks, ive already had someone pm though. so flaming can just be main purpose now :smiley:


I never get PM's about sources. That sucks. Guess if you get flamed enough someone will source you. :expressionless:


I think you have to be on here for a few years to get some 'help'.

That is one wierd avatar, btw. What exactly is it?


So i looked into this myself and here is the answer. This source no longer offers products domestically. So no more API from there.


Yea, that's what i've heard. Heard API is done. Period. Oh well. They were pretty good.


Its a dirty old man spanking a young girl. It describes me to a TEE. :smiley: