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LA Weightlifting Gyms...New Gym!

Olympic weightlifting gyms are few and far between.
And the sports community wonders why the US is not internationally competitive! its IMPOSSIBLE to find agym to train at!

Unless you are lucky like me to have access to UCLA and a few other places, you are out of luck. But there is a newly opened place this year in Santa Monica CA called AF Performance and they have a platform and female weightlifting bar. Amazing! I have trained there and the owners are friendly. Their hours are normal business hours and you need to work around their times. they have hella kettlebells to! very nice! but you will need to join Golds to do accessories…

I know alot of people, including me, have trouble finding OL friendly gyms, as we need very special and expensive equipment, so i thought i would plug some OL friendly places that i know of. besides Mikes gym that is WAY WAY south. I dont know why people post his gym when people ask for LA gyms, not San Diego gyms!

AF Performance in Santa Monica http://www.afperformancecenter.com/

Sean Waxman’s 2 gyms in South Bay http://www.purestrength.com/

at Golds Gym Danny Henry is no longer there, so talk to tom magee, a trainer there and ask around golds for the people that own the bumpers. Golds is very heavy lifting friendly. I use chalk all over the damn place and no one cares what crazy things you do.

Nomad Weightlifting Tribe can probably help you out… https://sites.google.com/site/nomadweightlifting/

UCLA is a closed facilty, but if you dont suck and are competitive, try to walk in Acosta during lunch and talk to the head coach. the gym will blow your F-ing mind.!!
you will have to join another gym as well b/c the hours are limited.

Also go to So Cal weightlifting meets, like the Oct 3 meet on Venice Beach and the Oct 31 one in long beach by Nomad Weightlifting Tribe. the people there can help you out and tell you what secret places to go to!

I hope this helps any one looking for a OL friendly gym! I wish there was more.

That AF performance gym looks fuckin sweet.