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LA Weekly Anti-Aging/Steriod Article

There was a well researched, and fairly well written article about anti-aging and steroids in the LA Weekly.


There are several parts about this I liked, most of the info I already knew, but its good it was published.

Thank you for posting it, very interesting!


This is an incredible article in my opinion. It should be printed as a leaflet and dropped over major American cities 3 times a day, maybe then folks will wake up and press their elected representatives to make a change.

Why isn?t there an organized campaign and intense lobbing from the supplement industry to make a change and educate the public about the facts on this issue?


Great read! thx

I hope everyone here at T-Nation reads this. What a great article, thanks for the post!

  • TF

Awesome article, what an amazing history of the development of the human use of anabolic steroids. Everyone, steroid supporter or not, needs to read this, as it’s a rare find in literature these days.

Superb article, it leaves you with a buoyant outlook on the future of health and overall well being, if the government doesn’t fuck it up, oh wait…