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La Vie Boheme


Does anybody here live a Bohemian (anti-materialism, carefree, artistic) lifestyle?


Due to my opinions that are generally very different from the female crowd at work, and the fact that I prefer the "less is more" type of thinking, I have often been referred to as a hidden bohemian.

But since Independence is one of my most important values, I am also a savage capitalist with regards to my retirement funds and savings. Bohemian-style won't pay the medical bills, now or in the future.


You mean, like a bum.

In college, I know a lot of people who live like this, and purposely avoid anything from any brand, and try to live "free". However, the extent to which these people carry their own philosophies is never fully exploited.
They say they won't support the big corporations, yet they have a car. And go to college and use the internet. And the ones who don't, they live of of social welfare.

I have never in my life encountered someone who could truly live like this in a society like ours, and not be a totally miserable bum.

In Africa, this is possible, however in Western Europe and America, it is not.

I like to wear nice clothes, but I work pretty much as a farmer in the weekends. I have a nice home, but I work hard for it. If one wants a new trade economy, he will have to found it himself, such as the Amish. And, in what sense, is that ultimately better ?
The smallness of such community makes for less complex power and economic laws, however, it will rise to a trade-and-profit nation when it will expand just as well.

Actual freedom is not being bound to anything, of any kind, and that includes principles that aren't conductive to intelligent survival.


Im more of a minimalist. I very much appreciate the bohemian/hippy lifestyle however it IS flawed.

I like to wear good looking clothes and own a few brands but i wont buy something just because its a particular brand. I dont care about all the images that people chase. I dont need all the toys people seem to collect like the newest phone, laptop, stereo, etc...

But i do like money, and i do believe money is ment to be spent. Its more a matter of where i choose to spend my money. Go and look at the original bohemians in paris and berlin and you will find that they didnt exactly have a problem with money either. picasso didnt. Its more a mentality/attitude with a little bit of style thrown in. grin

No big house, no neatly pruned gardens, no shiny sports cars, no uber useless gadgets with features i will never use.... give me my small house with a debilitated garden, a car thats not going to break on me and a room full of books. Give me time to do my own things rather then micromanaging an image.

Not that you can't have these things, just focus on whats important to you.


Well said!


I only work 20-30 hours a week, so that I may live! My car is twenty years old, I live in an apartment, I have no money put away nor do I own much of value. God will provide.

Also - I don't have television (I rent movies), I don't look at magazines (I read books), I don't go to the supermarket (I stock up at the co-ops), I don't walk the mall (I shop Goodwill), I don't patronize the church (I visit the interfaith commune).

I don't feel inferior (I feel superior) - The no television thing is probably most responsible for that one :slightly_smiling: