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LA Noire, Amazing Looking Video Game

I didn’t know much about this upcoming game until a friend told me about it. I’m a huge fan of Red Dead Redemption and the Mass Effect series. This game sports some amazing technology for mapping actors facial features in game.

Supposed to be groundbreaking mo-cap technology and real open world shit. I am gonna play Heavy Rain first to see if I got the patience for these types of game first.

I’m more of a storyline gamer these days, and don’t really enjoy stuff heavy on action. My fiancée even wants to play this and she only likes scrabble and Sims.

A.) I love Film Noir (the classic stuff and neo-noir stuff)

2.) I loved Mass Effect

-.) This game looks ill and I’ll be playing this throughout the summer

D.) I’m stoked this game gets released on the day of my last final

I’m looking forward to this one for sure. I think I remember seeing that the guy who “plays” the main character spent like 2 months in motion capture for the game.

Looks promising, the lip-synching alone is worth a look, but theres just something about it that keeps me from really getting my hopes up about it. With all the stuff theyre talking about doing it sounds like theres a possibly it ends up getting bogged down by a brutally slow pace, overcomplexity, or possibly even both.

Looks absolutely amazing. Might get me to buy myself a PS3.

I’ve heard it’s a mix of Heavy Rain and Red Dead Redemption. I haven’t played Heavy Rain yet, so I agree with Pootie that I need to try that first to make sure I like this type of game.

My only fear is that it might be too repetivie - investigate crime scene, interrogate, shootout, case solved. I trust Rockstar so I’m sure I will be picking it up sometime (unless the review are awful). I have a huge back log of games rignt now so I need to resist picking this up right away.

Rockstar makes games who prints money.

Yes I posted this in the section where we talk about games and stuff, amazing.

Should be good. Hopefully it doesn’t fall into the Rockstar trap of it having the exact same goddamn engine and feel of everything else they’ve EVER made.

looks amazingn doubt

but i prefer just to heavy handedly shotgun the shit outta everything! lol