LA Muscle

Hello Gang. Anyone tried LA Muscles “Heavyweight II” ? The reason they ask is they say that it is stronger/equal to D-Bol! and that you can gain 35lb in just weeks! Now i dont belive you can gain that much weight in that short of time (even if you were on D-Bol) but it does sound good. Has anyone had any good experiances before i get a tub. I dont really want to waste 50 quid on a bottle, so any advice will be cool

Paul Govier

Cook yourself a steak on all the flames you’ll be getting.

I really can’t believe anyone who reads T-mag would even ask this question.

o my God

I doubt that he reads I’ve got a feeling that the person behind this “LA Muscle” post is some marketing person or the company owner etc… Of course I could be entierly wrong :slight_smile:

Eek! sorry gang! i honestly didnt mean to offend anyone…and no i am not a marketing person…it was a honest question…sorry again for anyone i have offended…i was just curious. Paul G

Robert, you are wrong unfortunately. Paul posts here and has done so for several weeks from what I have read. He just seems a little naive about a few things. Paul, I’ll give you the same advice I’d give somebody just starting out. Go and read every single thing ever produced on this site. That includes all back issues and as much of the forum as possible. Be sure to pay attnetion to articles dealing with scam products and hyperbole in advertising. Your answer is found there.

Another thing… yeah, this site is great and all, but any newbie needs to read everything they can get their hands on, and read it all with an open mind and not let those ads, etc. suck you in. newbies got to educate themselves everywhere. We can scream to them until our heads pop off, and they won’t know how great a site t-mag is until they read other sites, magazines, etc… t-mag, its readers, its forum regulars, writers, researchers, aren’t always right and everyone else isn’t always wrong. I’ve been lifting and buying crap supplements (and a lot of good ones) over the past 16 years… newbies should listen to everyone, and if it sounds too good to be true, then it is…listen to everyone, read everything, and weed out the bullshit… t-mag is kind of like the best piece of ass you’ll ever have. But you won’t know how good this piece of ass it is until you had other pieces of ass…(sorry ladies, only metaphor I can think of at the time)… here’s another tip for newbies: have you all ever seen those multiple page ads for nitro-tech crap ??? ya, know… 6-8 pages sometimes… advertising in magazines in that volume isn’t cheap. Guess who pays for that elaborate advertising ? the consumer… guess who needs to cut a lot of corners in order to stay (price) competitive ???.. Biotest ads are short, right to the point, nicely presented to catch your eye, and only need one page… respectable advertising campaign.

Thanks for the understanding and advice guys…and let me just say again, i am sorry for this post, i meant no harm. THanks again
Paul Govier

Basically, any product that claims to work better than steroids, but isn’t actually steroids, is guaranteed to be BS. There are no products that are “Even better than the real thing”.