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LA, CA Area Doc: Low Back Injury

I assume that this is the best forum to post this.

My recurring back injury is just p!ssing me off. I need to find a great orthopedic/sports medicine doctor. I’m just north of Los Angeles and so can easily get to anywhere in the LA area. Does anyone foot the bill? Or can anyone make a recommendation? I tried one of the supposed best docs here in town several years ago - no good.


Call the CHEK Institute which is in the San Diego area if my memory is correct. They might be able to recomend someone who works with athletes and then you should consider using them to help you rehab.

I had a low back injury that no one could help me with for more than 3 years, until I met a CHEK therapist. Go to www.chekinstitute.com and look up a practitioner, see if they can help…

Good luck man, I know how you feel.