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LA Boycott of AZ


So the City Council, in all their enlightened glory voted 13-1 to boycott az and cancel over 50 million in contracts between the two entities over the AZ Immigration law, that is the mirror of the existing Federal laws, and goes so far as to EXCLUDE any racial profiling as part of the enforcement. Yet somehow this enforcement of our existing border laws is an outrage for some folks.

An Illinos Principal is not letting his HS girls basketball team travel to AZ for a tourney, yet they routinely send their children to Comminist China for overseas studies. Is AZ a worse place than China a=on the humanitarian front?

It is now known that over 60% of American approve of the law, yet we have a media complex and Educational system that thinks the 60% is some fringe wack element.

How much longer can the media, administration and our "Municipal" wings tow a line that is against the majority of Americans?

Personally, I think LA will get a Boycott backlash from the entire country.


I even heard people in LA interviewed saying they hope the Lakers make it a quick series with the Suns so they don't spend too much money in Phoenix! What doughheads.


Is it really PHX vs LA in the Playoffs? It does not matter because Los Suns are with LA....so they say.....


The Republican convention chose Tampa , I think they do not have the balls to choose Pheonix


City Councilwoman Janice Hahn (who I wrote a very nasty email to, to the point where I might get a visit from Santa Clause and his little elves), wrote a list of things for the Lakers to bring with them so they won't spend money in AZ. I can just imagine Kobe reading this bullshit list.

The sleeping giant has awoken, and that is the people who are sick and tired of this Liberal pandering bullshit. This skank whore (Janice Hahn) was one of those who said this is like Nazi Germany, then the Wiesenthal Center complained about this bullshit comparison, saying how dare you compare the genocide of Jews and people thought to be Jews with deporting illegal fucking aliens.

What in the bloody blue fuck is going on with this country?


What?? C'mon now. You have to make 'what if' shit up to make a point against Republicans?

This is about City/Municipal/Federal Governments towing a line that is not representative of a large MAJORITY of Americans, Lib and conservative.


It's all messed up...says my Wonder Bread, Bro Head!


Her, and many of the other, interpretations of this law are BULLSHIT. Nothing more than Grade-A, propagandizing bullshit.

The reason these things are written down and made publicly available is so that you can read the language of the law. It's not that much to read, and it is CLEAR. I cannot see how you could extrapolate racial profiling from the language. And I definitely do not see how it is at all appropriate to compare it to Nazism (although isn't pretty much everything and everyone in politics compared to Nazi Germany these days?) What, Arizona's requiring that all Mexicans were a green star to verify they have visas? Fuck outta here.

Boycotting AZ is immature. This decision was made not with the language of the law in mind but what other people said about the law.

At my school there was a HUNGER STRIKE against this law. This school is NOT even in Arizona. This school had nothing to do with the law. Finally the Chancellor got them to shut the fuck up and move on with their lives, not seeing the logic in the protest (shouldn't you do it in the state that's considering the law?), but... when asked why they were protesting, they parroted some shit they read on a Facebook group almost verbatim.

That's how people get information today. They read a biased, simple misinterpretation of the law made by someone with special interest rather than the law itself (by their own admission) and "take action".


Unless the US takes in 600 million unskilled poor by the end of the year, we're Nazis. We need to get the invitations and airline tickets sent out, pronto.

Anyways, AZ is doing for the Nazi namecalling what Obama and anti-Tea Party folk did for the word racist. Basically, rendering it powerless.


I am saying this right now.

This backlash toward the AZ law is going to bite many Dems and Obama in the ass, badly. His bullshit story about taking your kids to get ice cream, and not having your papers (which Federal Law ALREADY requires you to have if you are not a citizen since 1940), will backfire badly.

People, you can longer stay quiet about this. Our bitch card has been pulled, and we have to call the bluff. Kids getting sent home for wearing the American flag, the racial accusations of wanting to enforce our laws. The days of silence are over, no more.


Statement =/= fact


It is a fact. In fact 70% of people in Arizona approved of this bill. 70% and that is including all the people in Arizona that are Hispanic.


Check out this LA Times poll about whether the LA boycott of AZ is a good thing, pretty shocking...

78% say no, and that is coming from a very Liberal LA Times and LA population.


WASHINGTON â?? A strong majority of Americans support Arizona's controversial new immigration law and would back similar laws in their own states, a new McClatchy-Ipsos poll found.

Sixty-one percent of Americans â?? and 64 percent of registered voters â?? said they favored the law in a survey of 1,016 adults conducted May 6-9.



This is the point. How LONG can the media and liberals keep the smoke bombs coming and not get totally figured out?

I think the time is NOW. America actually does know what is happening behinfd the curtian.


Max you are so good about knowing your facts and being able to back up your position.

regarding the subject, I hope that all these politicians that are throwing AZ under the bus get voted out in their next term. They are not representing the wants of their constituents, they are catering to the undocumented voters and minority activists that they hope will gather up fraudulent signatures to keep them in office.


when do we get to boycott Mexico?


Maybe our US Attorney General should read the fucking law, before he considers declaring it Unconstitutional...


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He should resign, seriously, what a careless foolish act on behalf the the US Attorney General.

This entire administration is a joke, from top to bottom.