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Anybody go? I was there and took second in the novice men’s light heavyweight.

Just curious if there were any tnation members there as well…

Dirty Gerdy

Cool bro, congrats! Sadly NY is a little far


Congrats, MD is a bit of a hike as well. Have any pics from the comp?

thanx guys…yea i have some pics on the parents camera that i can put up when they email em to me…if you go to musculardevelopment.com and look at “contests” then the “los angeles” link. Go to the novice light heavyweight and I’m in second place…

GASP! i guess you now know my real name :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lol


I also want to add that the md.com site shows the evening show…after prejudging I pigged out and had some water so I was holding a lil more water than during prejudging.

I didn’t really diet for the show, I’m really gearing up for the excalibur on dec 6th.

here is the link…



DG_ your pics look great big man,big props for your overall conditioning (something I’m paying a lot more attention to myself these days -lol). What were your stats the day of the show?


I was 6’ 204 the night before the show and found out that the cut off for light heavies was 198, I thought 205! So I cut water and weighed in at 196 in the a.m. After munching on carbs throughout the day I’m sure I was 200 or so on stage.

Thanks man! The cool thing is that I didn’t diet for this contest at all! I just used my naturally fast metabolism and tweaked my training, add cutting water and that’s what I got. For my show in december I’m planning on bulking the next 5 months or so and then dieting for 4-6 weeks and I’m going for striated glutes! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’m also planning on being heavyweight and shooting for the overall Novice crown ;D