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LA and USC

Hey all you guys who live in Los Angeles. I am looking around for summer internships and have found a couple at different places. The one I most like is at USC. The problem is though I have heard that USC isn’t in the best part of town there. Can you guys let me in on the pros and cons of living in LA and working at USC?

First of all, I assume you’ll have a car? Living in LA without a car would be unfathomable. Aside from the car issue, my opinion of LA is that it has many pros and cons. Pros: Amazing weather, great food (sushi on every corner), very diverse and interesting cultural life, beaches, mountains. Cons: Incredibly crowded (way too much traffic), obnoxiously fake people. The old joke about every waiter in LA being an aspiring actor is true, and everyone here is involved in the entertainment industry in one respect or another, which I find repellant. On the whole, in my opinion, though the pros outnumber the cons, the cons outweigh the pros. I’m leaving LA in the Fall because I’ve lived here for 2 years and can’t stand it any more. But I guess if you’re only here for a summer it might be kind of interesting. The area around USC is a bit run-down, but if you’re on campus you won’t even notice it. The campus is very much self-contained.

LA is bomb! Clubing is dope. The ocean is only 35 minutes away. SO many beautiful girls. The area around USC is SOUTH CENTRAL LA. Ya know, what gangsta rappers rap about? Still, once on campus you’re in a vertiable honey heaven. Lots of fine women with very rich daddies willing to spend ca$h on the right cat. Ya dig?

Thanks for the help fellas. I will have a car, it won’t be too nice of one, but it runs.