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L5 Protrusion Training Tips?

I had a disk protrusion is my L5 vertebrae, it gave me a lot of pain for a while but after surgery and months of rehab…the pain ( which used to radiate down my left leg, and which made me virtually immobile) is at a point now that I can run and jump and do normal things with minimal discomfort. I’ve been lifting for about 2 weeks now with mostly light weight/high rep stuff…but i was curious if anyone out there had a similar condition and could maybe give me some insight in what to expect the next couple months…obviously the main thing I will have to do is listen to my body and be smart, but at the same time if someone else had a similar problem and is back to normal training that would help me put my goals into perspective and give me something to work towards…if that makes sense. or if there are any people that could give me some good workouts that kick my ass but are low impact that would help as well.thanks for any input.

Reverse hyperextensions

Great posterior chain movement, one of the best ways to rehab your back. Lots of vids on youtube if you are uncertain as to how to do them.