L4-L5 Disectomy

I’m 39 and was extremely active until 35. Had a L4-5 disc rupture which I mistakenly tried to train thru instead of using the appropriate rest and rehab. Had L4-5 discectomy/laminectomy-failed (2006) and had another which subsequently failed as well (2007). I’m currently seeing a Chiro (spine-atlas-myofacial=adjustments)which has alleviated some of the pain in hopes to avoid fusion. Have been severly limited in my training and activity that I was used to the 1st 35 years of my life(weights/sprinting/football/basketball). Does anyone here know if testosterone or HGH or any other substance or treatment which might aide in the healing process with my problem area? I’ve talked to various people with varying ideas-any suggestions?

Thank You!!!

I am being treated with neural therapy, and prozone therapy for my L4-5 herniation. I have also had a laminectomy, discectomy, laser reduction of the nucleus volume, and tons of epidurals, and pressure point injections, to name a few…
Maybe HGH along with prozone might be really effective, but prozone although being understood (but not done) by many doctors, a HMD is usually needed for these kinds of procedures. Some physiatrists will do the injections too, it just depends on how forward thinking the doctors are where you live.


Thank you for the info! What exactly is prozone? Is prolotherapy similar or something to consider? How active are you now? Thanks again!

Prolotherapy is also called prozone too. I go to the gym 3 days a week to lift, and ride my road bike 20+ miles a week. Is that active enough?

Sorry to hear your experience. I’ve been through something similar, although my diskectomy helped me (two other surgeries didnt).
There are lots of conservative treatments that helped me a little along the way. Electrical stimulation helped with pain and I think a little with stimulation of damaged nerve and muscle tissues. Traction and inversion helped a little.
Oddly enough, my recent comeback in real lifting again, against all odds and recommendations, did much to strengthen back muscles horribly atrophied from five years of inactivity and constantly in some degree of spasm. Now, do not read my thread and train the way I did, I way overdid it and managed to flare up other joint issues along the way. But I am absolutely convinced compound lifts strengthened my core back muscles and helped stablize the whole lumbar area. This is the key, you want your lumbar back IMMOBILE, flexibility is for healthy discs.
BTW, I would keep an eye on artificial discs. For one disc disease, they appear very promising, the surgical treatment which will make fusion a barbaric thing of the past. For multiple disc disease, that may not be the case, but if you just have one level herniated, take a look at it. Doc

I had a minimally invasive discectomy L5 S1 at age 20 and it did not work, but my laminectomy at 21 provided 99 percent relief immediately after surgery. Epidural steroid injections and the conservative care provided me 0 percent relief.

10 years later I had problems again that came on suddenly and severe. I could Barely walk a few steps and was in Intense pain. I had a bilevel laminectomy L4 L5 and L5 S1. I had 99 percent relief immediately after surgery. Been a few years with no pain. Every now and then mild leg for a day then nothing for months. My weakness is mainly genetic.

My symptoms were in my legs. Back surgery is more successful for leg pain than back pain. No harm in trying conservative care unless there is acute nerve impingement and you wait too long. Fusions seem to be done more often for back pain or sometimes after multiple laminectomies fail.

My last surgery was done by a neurologist in Houston. He dose the case and does not let the resident do the surgery. One of the largest anesthesia groups goes to him when they need back surgery. Of course if you need a fusion you need Ortho. The last thing you need is probably the name of a good doctor, but just in case.

Stuart M Weil MD