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L4-L5 Disectomy Soon, Deca/HGH for Recovery?

Hi All,

First post here, hopefully don’t press on anyone’s buttons.

Age: 24 male, weight 195-200, 6’2, BF 13%. Lifting 4 years, however last 6 months have been strictly core, some lower back when possible without pain (nothing like deadlifting, obviously). All through PT.

I herniated four disks in March of this year (6ish months ago). My l4-l5 has progressively gotten worse, and I’ll soon be getting surgery (disectomy) from a top institution/doctor.

I am wondering what the general consensus is on taking Deca/test post-op.

I know Deca is quotes (by some) as helping increase coll. synthesis, however some arguments for how helpful with the back.

Anyway, I wanted to know if any of the following would be recommended to increase healing/decrease recovery time. Note I dont plan on just jumping back into lifting - and understand the time it will take to get back to close.

  1. Nandro-Test 200 Deca/200 Test E, once a week for 10-12 weeks. Would have an AI on hand, and clomid or nolva starting at week 14…

(also have test e and mast on hand but wouldnt be using as wouldn’t be good for any bone/joints for the time being).

  1. Higher dose of Deca (400mg + test e, ai) --> pct etc.

  2. An HGH combined with test e (low level, 300 mg probably). Not really too keen on eod injections to tri-weekly. Along with ai and pct plan.

Ansomone ( 100 or 40 ) or Genotropin or Humatrope ( both 36 )

I’m aware some run deca with hgh however with water retention and other risks not interested after research, IMO.

Any comments appreciated.

The Herniator “Ow be back”. Sorry. Funny tho

When you wrote supplements I was thinking of glucosamine, fish oil or someshit. You’re talking about drugs mane.

Due to ethical considerations most research studies are animal based but show that there’s positive effects if used at the right time especially for muscle injury. Retaining muscle thru the decreased activity during/after surgery and during rehab sounds pretty good.

Maybe you can find some sparse anecdotal evidence around for human use. I question how useful these compounds will be for you tho given that recovery time is already quite short. Natty healing time will probably be shorter than your protocol/cycle lel

Most approaches these days a minimally invasive anyways like microdisectomies so typical soft tissue healing times should apply approx 6 weeks give or take depending on whether you do stupid shit like starving yourself or smoking.

Maybe your effort would be better spent reading ahead in terms of pain management, post op stretching and strengthening exercises, contraindicated movements or movements you should avoid during recovery than worrying about drug protocols. You can take all the drugs you want but if you’re not careful and disciplined you could reinjure yourself ez.

A proper safe protocol (see Pharma category) would likely be helpful, tho renegade drugs they may be, but would recommend discussing with your surgeon so that the timing is on point and your “supplements” do not interact poorly with their medications.

Maybe take a look at contributing factors to getting injured in the first place so you can avoid them this time around and prevent another injury e.g. Pumping and pill popping yourself full of anabolics, feeling invincible and doing round back deadlifts to failure on the daily

All the best for the surgery

Thanks for the reply - I’m pretty caught up in pain management and what my body can’t do, after 7 months, the last four with gym or PT every day I’ve had to learn.

Really there aren’t any major scientific resources discussing the benefits beyond HGH contributing to some increase in synthesis (HG as well). The Test combination would be more to offset then get in the ‘pick things up and life them down’ mentality, as I know that will be months down the road.

The smoking was something I hadn’t looked into, I don’t smoke but due use a vape - or did until I just looked up multiple published documents on the lack of bloodflow due to nicotine alone, and 4-5x increase in degenerative disk disease. Other than that, I’ve become somewhat of a health freak, quit drinking for the time being as well, etc.

Thanks for the wishes

Are you talking about pre op or post op because it’ll be different.

Not for bench pressing or someshit. With a bit of imagination and discussion with your PT you’ll find that there’s stuff you’ll be back to doing sooner than you think post op.

It’s stuff like this that surgeons, doctors and other health professionals are paid to tell you. Have a chat with your surgeon/doc and who knows what you’ll learn.