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Was wondering if anyone has tried this and what there results were if any.

Thanks in advance.

Tyrosine is the amino acid precursor of the dopamine-norepinephine-epinephrine pathway. Therefore, supplementing daily with this AA will serve to increase these neurotransmitter levels. Boosting these NT’s may help with mental focus, acuity, and energy/motivation. Tyrosine wont give you a direct increase in muscle size or strength, but will sharpen the brain and provide some motivation. If you really wanted to pump up the brain/motivation thing, add some phenylalanine to the mix as well. This AA converts to the neurotransmitter PEA, which really turns up the brain.

It’s one of the main ingredients in Powerdrive and I love that shit.

Have used it at a dosage of about 3 grams. Definitly increases mental alertness and performance. Actually got me too “amped up”, but I am sensitive to stimulants.

Yes, Powerdrive


seriously though if you have L-Tyrosine by the grams (not mg) your concentration and thought increases. I took some before my last fight and i thought better. Will double dose before sunday’s fight this time round

All of the above and It gives me more freckels too!