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L-Tyrosine Effects & Dose?

Hope your doing great Coach CT,

Wanted to ask you Coach is L Tyrosine effective for boosting Dopamine levels and focus before workout and what is the ideal dosage for it without going overboard and reaping its effect


Yes it is very effective. However, keep n mind that supplements that boost dopamine will also lower serotonin. So you shouldn’t use them every day. With L-tyrosine 3-5g seems to work well for most and won’t lead to side effects if you don’t use it every day.

Hi coach,

Is your advice also applicable to a type 2B or type 3? Or would it be better to stick to a caffeine/tyrosine free pre-workout carb meal to balance out the dopamine/serotonin levels?

Hi CT, Would you recommend their usage one in a while for someone who is on the lower side of Serotonin ?

It depends if the person is showing signs of issues like anxiety, insomnia, depression and adaptation problems. In that case I would be careful.

What I would recommend for a lowish serotonin person is to take a serotonin boosting supplement the evening where you used tyrosine in the day. Something like Z12 by Biotest would do the job (it boosts both serotonin and GABA). Or a combo of tryptophan and 5-htp.

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Well coach I have Insomnia problems for some time but getting better and some of the issues you mentioned above I shouldn’t invest in L Tyrosine I think