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So has anyone heard about the re-release of L-Tryptophan. I’ve heard rumors for certain Raw Material Companies and Manufactures that FDA documentation is on the way and they will have it available towards the end of the second quarter this year. Lots of stipulations though to prevent another outbreak of eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome (EMS)like the US experienced in back in 89. For those of you that don’t remember L-Tryptophan it was one of those short lived supplements that helped knock you out simillar to 5-HTP which is a derivative of it.

Man that’d be great if a clean supply of L-T is re-released. Maximal seritonin levels are such a necessity for staying on top.

Does anyone know of any study equating potency for L-T vs 5-HTP? Everyone who sells 5-HTP claims its something like 10 times more potent, but we all know 99% of claims out there are complete crap.

How much 5-htp do you use for sleep purposes??

L-T is the shit it blows 5-HTP out of the water, I wonder what kind of opinion Bill Robert has on this stuff or any other experienced T-man. If Biotest could get their hands on it I bet it would sell simillar to Tribex (just guessing). How do you contact the FDA regarding this kind of stuff? Does anyone know? I herd is was available through perscription only…

for sleep I use 100 mgs but my wife only needs 50 mgs. Experiment but don’t take more than 100mgs… You can get it in 25 and 50 mgs tablets or 25, 50, or 100 mgs capsules.

BIOS sells real L-tryptophan online. It is sold under the guise of veterinary supplements, but most everyone knows the reality. They sell bulk powder and tablets.

So what are the risks involved with buying Vet L-Tryptophan. I doubt that there’s much the government is doing to make sure that it isn’t contaminated. Does Bill anyone at T-mag have an answer on this one???

tryptophan is awesome. It is the anti-Powerdrive. tyrosine is a precursor to dopamine and tryptophan is to seratonin. It won’t knok you out like GHB will, but it’ll do the trick. My local supp. store carries BIOS L-T. I weigh 180 and take 4 grams (4000mgs) on an empty stomach about 30 minutes before bed. It helps my recovery for sure. anybody know a place to get it online for cheap? I’m payin $40 bucks for 90 500mg caps. try it!

I thinks Biotest should use L-T in combination with their ZMA. Call it ZMA-Trophan or MagTryptoZinc(yah right) or Nor-TryptoZinc or Bio-Sleep or HMB (that’s what Bill Philipps would say)!

Does anyboyd know if tryptophan has the same appitie supressing effects of 5-HTP, since it is the parent compound of which 5-HTP is synthesized???

I would assume so because it works as a precursor to seritonin, but I believe that it works best for sleep and you should stick to 5-HTP for Appetite Suppression because of it’s potent effects. It makes me extremely lethargic when I’ve taken it but I felt extremely refreshed when I wake up.