Has anyone used L-taurine for a month or so, and if so what results and/or gains have you recieved from it? The research that I’ve found says that it is even more abundant in the body than L-Glutamine so I’m very interested in using.

Yes. Been using NO2 products and adding Taurine (1,500mg) for about two years now…
Taken 30 to 45 minutes before I hit the gym.
It’s the BEST combo!

On that note:
I’ve used No2, No2x, NoX, Nitrolene, blah blah blah…
and found that straight up L-Arginine (2,500 mg) and Ornithine (1,500 mg) combo work the best with the Taurine.
AND it’s a fraction of the price.

Take it with a FULL glass of water on an empty stomach, again about 30 -45 min before you hit the gym.

I don’t take it after a workout like you sometimes read. I don’t see why you would want to do that.
Manfactures often suggest this… but I think it is to sell more product.
The idea behind their use is to bump up the no2 and get a great pump.

give it a try.
let me know if you have any other questions.
been playing with this stuff for a loooong time.
and in combo with other supps.

doing some Beta-7 right now… the verdict is still out. lol

some take it with pwo carb meals to improve insulin sensitivity. Poliquin has mentioned this