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L-Leucine or Glutamine for PWO Shake


Sorry if this has been asked and answered but which would be better to add to GROW! whey as a post workout shake? How many mgs? Thanks.


Go with 5 to 10 grams (5000 to 10000 milligrams) of Leucine.


Go with both, 5-10grams L-leucine, and 5grams glutamine.


It actually depends on your diet and pre-workout strategy.

If you are on a low-carbs diet I would suggest 20-30g of glutamine post-workout with your protein.

If you are not on a low-carbs diet the glutamine is not very helpful then I would simply go with the protein.

I'd keep the leucine for the pulses during the day (take the leucine with your regular meals).


Oh okay thanks coach for clearing that up, how do you consume the L-leucine, water, sprinkled on your food? I cant figure out a way for that stuff not to make everything taste bitter. and i do engjoy food, i noticed that it normally on makes water containing food like vegetables bitter.

I used to mix it with Gatorade Powder, that worked for a while whats your thought on taste and consumption procedures?


The simpliest thing to do is pour it in your mouth and rinse with water.

Yeah, it's bitter, but it only takes 15 seconds.


Yeah i tried that when first using L-leucine, it came out my nose. So yeah.


Water first, then leucine, then more water.


I like taking it with a shot of crystal lite.


Well, some alcohol breaks down the surface tension of this L powder :slightly_smiling:
too bad I don't drink :stuck_out_tongue:
w some water before & after as suggested.