L-Glycine and L-Arginine

I have recently been given a couple tubs of freeform L-Arginine powder and L-Glycine powder.

I’ve read some stuff about both (I remember CT writing some things about it some time back) and it seems that taken in the correct doses and times that it can’t hurt, but I’m not quite sure I understand what real benefits I might expect.

My understanding is that glycine proportedly may help or aid recovery, so post/peri-work out. I will experiment accordingly.

The arginine I’m more skeptical about. What I can say is that the L-Arginine, on it’s own or in a non-sweetened drink tastes absolutely awful. lol.

Has anyone taken one or both of these supps in free form? Derive any benefit?

Never taken Arginine, have taken Glycine. If you have proper peri-workout stuff I doubt any post-workout glycine will do anything, it may aid in recover to help lower cortisol though. Try it before bed though, like 5g, mixed in some water. It tastes kinda sweet, but that shit works wonders for getting you to sleep fast. Shit, I’ve been having bad sleep problems again so I’m gonna use my remaining glycine.

Arginine on the other hand, can’t tell you much from experience but I know Poliquin (oh noes!) is a big fan of it. I think the best is pre-workout since it’s supposed to help with blood flow/NO2, and boosts GH (significantly in studies, compared to placebo).

However, just read this from an old Arginine thread, if you are taking any Biotest workout stuff that has citrulline malate in it, I think you are covered:

“Citrulline malate actually increases arginine levels more than arginine itself. It also has ammonia and lactic acid scavenging as well as ATP and phosphocreatine regenerating abilities. This combines nicely with creatine and beta alanine for ergogenic effects and you will still receive the ‘pump’.”

Arginine can help blood flow (think penis).

I started giving it to my dog that has cancer since it’s been shown in animals to hinder growth of cancer cells. There are a select few that can have the opposite effect on though.

"Arginine has many benefits:

* Aids in liver detoxification
* Detoxifies ammonia
* Increases sperm count in males
* Aids in kidney disorders and trauma
* Maximizes protein synthesis
* Helps lower cholesterol
* Stimulates blood flow
* Stimulates cerebral circulation
* Promotes optimum growth
* Helps to reduce body fat and increase lean muscle mass
* Assists the body in collagen production
* Assists in the release of growth hormones
* Enhances immune system function
* Causes retardation of tumor growth
* The actions of L-arginine which are related to its use in cancer treatment are:
* Inhibits cellular replication of tumors
* Assists in the release of growth hormones
* Enhances immune response
* Improves rate of wound healing (in cases of surgical intervention)"

HA! Yeah, I’ve read/heard the ‘benefits’ of Arginine.

PB - I found the same info regarding glycine.

I guess I’ll just put them in the routine until gone. Better than chucking it, I guess. Maybe a good month or two experiment (estimating how long it will last).


in my experience it (arginine and ornithine) made a small difference in recovery but not enough to make me want to spend money on it again. (purely anecdotal)

They are best used as a way to spike insulin levels without carbohydrates. However, they both cause serious gastric upset in the doses necessary to see significant spikes in insulin when taken alone.
You should add them to shakes mixed with whey and/or bcaas and/or carbs, etc… depending on what effect you want and when you take them peri-WO. They also taste terrible, so you’ll want to at least use SOME artificial sweetener like splenda if you’re not mixing them with an already sweet shake.
BTW, the hyped “pump”/vasodilation effect of arginine is an effect of insulin.
Also, the other health benefits of arginine listed in this thread by others are probably related to improved insulin sensitivity, though this is mostly conjecture on my part.
I would use it to aid in spiking insulin levels with my existing training period nutrition if I had it free.

Can’t add any to arginine.

I swear by Glycine. I train mostly after work, late evening. Much of the time on deadlift or squat days (or on CT’s Superhero program) my nervous system would be jacked and I couldn’t get to sleep for hours. 4:30am comes WAY to early. Post workout I’d take ~10-20g of glycine and 5-10g GABA with the last of my shake. By the time I shower/eat dinner, I’m definitely ready for bed.

Edit : Here a study I just came across today on arginine, fyi