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So im a 17 year old male and when i was at the store yesterday i decided i wanted to try something new that i heard relatively good reviews about pre and post workout. so i picked up some L glutamine… Should i be taking this stuff at my age i know its just an amino acid etc but it is meaured in mg / tablet and it says on the bottle take 1 tablet daily but i read somewhere its good to take anywhere from 4-5 grams before and after workouts… Is this true? Should i be taking it pre and post workout and how much? Also should i pick up some L arginine also?

Hopefully, one of our T-Nation masterminds can weigh in on this also…
The Glutamine pills are definitely not the way to go… the serving size isn’t nearly enough, especially for the price. If you factor your grams of glutamine according to cost, the pills tend to be a LOT more than powder. Also, the companies putting plain glutamine in pill form are… well… generic. Personally, I use no less than 5 g following each workout, and an additional 5 g each day.

Forgot to say…
As for Arginine, more people than not will say no… but i say if you’re going to, don’t get the generic vitamin store brand that says L-Arginine, 500 mg.
Go with a known brand… one that you have to buy online or, (god forbid) go to a supplement store like GNC (where you will overpay). PM me for some good suggestions on where to buy.

Honestly, your best bet: Put your money towards some Low-Carb Grow!, maybe some Surge if you nutrition plan is on target, and spend plenty of time reading up on what is good and what is not. Protein is gonna be your best tool.

This should help you out, a couple of articles by Dave Barr.

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I have to add that there are still plenty of people out there that swear by it. Personally, I used to take it, but I can’t say I saw a difference.

If you want to spend your money on a safe and useful supplement, go for creatine. However, if you’re just starting out, and at your age, I wouldn’t bother with anything other than lots of good food, and a protein powder to increase your protein intake. Then, after maybe 6 months of good training, I would include creatine; otherwise, you’ll never know whether it’s really working for you or not.

i have been working about a year and want to get more involved with supplemetns…and for me i know creatine is not the way to go since im a long distance runner…

[quote]Serd wrote:
i have been working about a year and want to get more involved with supplemetns…and for me i know creatine is not the way to go since im a long distance runner… [/quote]

Let me be the first to say what a lot of the guys on here are probably thinking… at 17 years old, with one year of lifting under your belt, you really don’t need any supplements beyond protein and maybe a good multivitamin.

Your body is pumping out a ridiculous amount of T, so my recommendation to you is avoid the temptations of supplements (at least for the time being) and learn how your body responds to proper training and disciplined nutrition. If you learn those things now, you’ll be good to go. If you don’t, and instead rely on supplements for your progress, you’re gonna spend a long time down the road undoing bad habits, as myself and I’m sure a bunch of others on this board learned the hard way.

Just my opinion, good luck.