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L-Glutamine on a Cutting Diet?

Is this a good idea? I’m working a diet right now aimed at losing lots of fat and getting to 10%. My understanding of l-glutamine is that it prevents catabolism in the muscles? But could it slow catabolism of body fat? I can use all the PWO help I can get, so I’m interested in clearing up my view on this supp. My soreness is ever-lasting lol.

Personally, dont waste your money on glutamine. It isnt effective. If you want to spare muscle when cutting, take BCAA’s (branched chain amino acids). These will help you preserve muscle as you cut fat. Supplementing with extra leucine isnt bad either. Leucine is the king of the BCAA’s when it comes to protein synthesis. I always take BCAA’s before I train. These are what kept my muscle and I even gained strength when I dieted down for my bodybuilding show this year.

Also make sure you are stretching good after your workout. Do some DC extreme stretching.

My personal favorite is Xtend by Scivation.

I see. Thanks alot! Are there any good “for newbies” articles around on stretching? Haven’t seemed to find any awesome ones yet.

Maybe this means Thibs needs to write a stretching article =P.