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L-Glutamine and BCAAs?

I’ve heard L-Glutamine and BCAAs are good sups and seem to be pretty popular so I’m thinking about taking them. I don’t know too much about them and I was wondering what are the main benefits of the 2? any side effects? and when and how much of each is supposed to be taken to see results? Also have any of you guys taken any of the 2? How was your experience? Did you find them effective?

Thanks in advance!

Don’t mean to come off as a jerk, but both of these are asked about every week, if not more often. I doubt that most of the vets around here want to keep answering the same questions over and over again, so you might have better luck by using the search engine.

I’m new here I didn’t even realize u could search the forum like that… Sorry vets for asking the same things

Side effects? Makes your wallet lighter.