L-Dopa supplements

I am interested in opinions on herbal supplements standardized for L-Dopa, which is suppose to increase growth hormone. Could taking L-Dopa lead to neurologic problems down the road?


Glenn: The GH “Secretagoues” are some of the most expensive supplements on the market (gram for gram). While they DO increase GH in vitro AND to an extent with some human studies, the concensus is that the increase is not NEARLY enough to make a difference in muscle size and strength. Save your money and stay with the natural release you’ll get from adequate protein in your diet and pushing the basic “heavy” movements (eg squats, deads, rows and benches).

Yes, taking L-dopa can cause problems. L-dopa
is considered a last line treatment for
Parkinson’s because although it temporarily
abates the symptoms, in the long run it
actually worsens the condition. There are
numerous studies on Medline that indicate that
use of L-dopa can actually cause Parkinson’s
disease in those that did not previously have
it. I don’t know if this would be true for
the herbal supplements that allegedly increase
L-dopa. But since herbal GH releasers haven’t
panned out too well, I wouldn’t waste my
money. Also, even those who have researched
and used real GH haven’t found it that
impressive. (There are two articles by John
Berardi on T-mag somewhere that cover real
GH.) So unless you are in need of GH
replacement therapy, why bother? And why waste
your money and take the risk for what probably
won’t be a great benefit?