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So I read good stuff about this and ordered a few bottles. After the order I read a bunch of stuff about "you should never take L-DOPA without -x- because if you do the dopamine will get into other parts of your body and cause all kinds of twitching and shit". Something a long those lines, I'm not a doctor.

I hear there is a prescription L-DOPA that is used for Parkinsons or some shit and that they always give it to you with another drug to avoid all the crazy body jerks and twitches.

Any info on this? I heard some people take it with ECGC or whatever and that handles the unwanted effects. I just want the GH and LH effects is supposedly has.


Can you post links for that? I just want to see where youre getting the info from w/o me having to search.
I am a huge fan of LD for a few reasons and I don’t believe myself or any of my clients have reported twitching/ jerking.
What brand? Dose? etc.


The drug is called Lodosyn and is used with LDopa to prevent peripheral metabolism.

I took M Pruriens for quite a while and that preparation most likely won’t get you anywhere near the levels that Parkinson’s patients take. ECGC is used because it supposedly prevents L Dopa from being metabolized by the liver.

This is what I remember from researching the product 5 years ago; but should give you some information to start researching.

<------------------------- Not an MD


thanks guys. so fuck the other stuff.