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L-Dopa Adrenal Fatigue?


Hey guys, my doc says i have adrenal fatigue based on low cortisol, hypothyroid, low t and low progesterone.

The causes have been suggested to be stress of course (from prolonged illness, and school)

However i am wondering if the 2 or so weeks of using L-dopa from "Igh-1" could have caused such excess dopamine that it overstimulated my adrenals and greatly accelerated the adrenal fatigue resulting in exaggerated blood work, i stopped the l-dopa 1 week before.

Does anyone think l-dopa use could cause adrenal fatigue? its a common ingredient in GH boosters and prolactin reducers.

Posts are appreciated.


We've got to have an experienced L-Dopa user here... It's not me however I'd be glad to hear more.