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L-Citrulline Malate, Blood Pressure, and the Pump



So how does bloodpressure impact the pump? If a guy has low bloodpressure and takes L-cit malate this will make the bloodpressure even lower. Will this actually be counterproductive when trying to obtain a pump?

If so which other NO supplements should be considered?


If someone has low blood pressure it would be prudent to find the root cause of it. In a lot of instances, low blood pressure isn’t due to vasodilation, but rather to low blood volume.

If someone were interested in using a vasodilator, but had low blood volume, and thus low blood pressure, it could reduce your blood pressure more, which may be counteractive to obtaining a pump, but moreso might make you feel like crap.

Drinking more water, consuming salt and other electrolytes, and supplementing with hygroscopic compounds like creatine may help to increase blood volume and counteract low blood pressure along with helping achieve the pump.


than you for the detailed answer! Just what I was looking for