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Anybody use or have used this? What did it actually do for you?

I believe it is illegal here in Canada though....


No experience, but studies have found minimal or no effect in fat burning. I believe the supplement is reviewed and the article referenced on JB's website (www.johnberardi.com).

To provide some insight, mainly because I'm bored, L-Carnitine does not have much effect for the following reason:

In lipolysis (fat breakdown), the fat cells must pass into the mitochondria to provide energy for the person. In passing one of the membranes of the mitochondria, the fatty acyl molecule must be attached to an L-Carnitine molecule via a special enzyme called a "L-Carnitine Acyl Tranferase." Therefore, basically three different molecules play a vital role in the fat burning process, in addition to many hormones. Without going too deep into the subject matter, L-Carnitine is probably not the one molecule that does exists in insufficient amounts, rather the enzyme.

Basically, through analysis, L-Carnitine and Fat are both supplied in sufficient amounts, but the enzyme is probably not. Therefore, if we can somehow trigger the production or activation of the enzyme, we can probably burn more fat.

Just a theory that I thought I'd post.


I beg to differ with you on this one. I have used L-Carnitine myself, and have found it to be quite good for using during times of high physical activity. It helps the body utilize stored bodyfat as energy, so the the person can workout longer without feeling "tapped out", so to speak. It also gives a slight benefit towards ones cardio levels, it seems to help with getting the oxygen into the body and places that need it the most during the increased physical activity.

I suggest you give it a try, the next time you`re getting ready for a serious load of cardio, I was taking 500mg prior to my workout, but I guess you can safely use 1000mg, or maybe 1500mg daily.