L-Carnitine with TRT

I’m curious to know if anyone is supplementing with L-Carnitine orally with some benefits. There’s a trend in the last few years pushing injectable L-carnitine (levocarnitine) considered to be superior to the oral counterpart:


I’m curious to know if anyone has experience with that or if @highpull uses it in his medical practice along with TRT for greater AR activation or enhanced energy levels.

Yes, it’s injectable though, part of a vitamin cocktail.

600 mg injected ED?
What do you prescribe it for?

There’s a trend in the last few years pushing injectable L-carnitine

I tried it for 6 weeks, the shots hurt so damn much I gave up. If it didn’t go all the way IM I could feel tingling running down my legs after the shot (VG) and still have a numb area top of my ass.

Couple that with the high amount you need to take daily (800-1000mg) it just didn’t seem sustainable

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It’s part of a blend, 340mg l-carnitine. Fatigue and weight loss.

Have you seen any positive outcome in your patients?
Could it be taken orally in higher doses to get the same effect or it doesn’t get metabolised properly?

Yes, some love it. I’ve used it from time to time, but can’t say for sure if t does much. This particular blend is given at weight loss clinics for around $25 a dose, which is weekly. What costs them around $400 over three plus months cost them $60.

But, you’re speaking of l-carnitine only. I don’t see it hurting to try. It is mostly taken orally and at higher doses.

If you choose to take it keep an eye on your thyroid. It’s been known to cause an impact and if I can find the link I’ll post it (I don’t know if I saved it but I read it a few weeks ago, coincidentally).

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Yeah I was asking because there are some concerns with long term usage orally.
@iron_yuppie what was the impact on thyroid? Slowing it down or viceversa?
And, do you know which brand is the best for the oral form?

There is this study, showing it is effective with hyperthyroidism:


So it basically antagonizes thyroid hormones.

jesus 600 mgs a day !!! , i was reading 200mgs daily is the recommended dose , can someone confirm or explain ???

You might be thinking 2000mg, by mouth.

500-2000mg dosing is what is typically used.

nope , im speaking in terms of inectible L-Carnitine , 200mgs 7 days a week

isnt it very difficult to get it to hold at over 200mgs / ml

The two you tubers I’ve seen talk about it said the recommended dose was 200mg for every 55lbs of BW. For me that’s about 750mg daily. TMC makes 500mg/mL so about 1.5mL daily

Can u be more specific with TMC ?? Please and thank u sir .

Ann your saying ur 350lbs or more ?

Ha no it’s 55lbs, not kg. I’m 200lbs, so I took 750mg.

TMC is Tailor Made Compounding