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L-Carnitine Spray for Tightening Loose Skin?



Perhaps this post is not in the right forum but I couldn't really figure out where to put it:

I've lost about 100 lbs of fat and am working on getting lean.

I am spending time in Thailand and this afternoon went and got a Thai massage. I showed the massage woman that I had loose skin on my stomach and she sprayed this mousse stuff on and massaged it into my stomach, telling me this would be effective in tightening it. I never heard of such a thing (believing the only way to tighten up loose skin being surgery) and looked at the spray bottle.

The main ingredient is l-carnitine. I know that l-carnitine is taken orally as a fat loss supplement but I am wondering if this is indeed effective as she has applied it. Anyone have an idea?



I don't put much stock in any transdermal fat-burning product.

I've tried a couple of them (mostly yohimbine/caffeine-based with a chaperone ingredient for transport) and didn't notice any results above and beyond the diet and training regimen I was on at the time.


And by the way, congratulations on losing 100 lbs of fat! No small feat...


I think the question is about using L-Carnitine to tighten loose skin, not burn fat. I'm not sure if it works, but worth having a look around...