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L-bomb's Workout Log


I've had an indigo user's log for a while, but now that it's not a convenient link anymore, I originally moved over to microPA. Since that is more of a discussion/product forum, I decided to move one more time over here with other women that train.
Link to the last log: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/micro-pa-users/lbombs_workout_log?pageNo=0#6315184


Thursday 9/24:
squat 5x2, 285 was the intended workout
my first set felt great, but then a bunch of equipment was delivered, and I had to take about 30 minutes to get that handled. Warmed back up and did one more set of 2, but things were just off. The total workout looked like this instead:
Squat 2x2, 5x1, all 285 with a belt. Used video on my phone to check depth.

Friday 9/25:
Plan for today - 3-5 bench singles to practice set-up and technique for the meet
lunges 3x5, 1 min rest
then tons of upper body, mainly triceps (db shoulder press, dips, push-downs, rows, single-arm push-downs, etc.)


Big numbers! What's your age/weight class?

Have you seen how many lifters are rostered for Raw Nats?


I'm 33 & competing in the open 158 class. There are a TON of lifters registered. Based off of qualifying totals, I'm sitting at about 13th. If I add 30lbs to my previous best total of 854, I'll have a shot at the top 10. Can't really control the numbers everyone else puts up, though. I'll be happy with a pr in any case.


Monday 9/29:
squat 3x220/255, 3x1, 285 (singles belted)
bench 3x115/130, 4x1, 145

Tuesday 9/30:
deadlift 3x295/335/380 (belt last set)
deficits 5x1, 365
speed/tech 5x1, 315

off today, squat planned for thursday and bench/upper-body friday


Nice pulls. We have a very similar conventional style. Although you pull about double what I do.

We probably know a number of the same people. I know your state chair pretty well. He's competing in Denver this week.


Yep, I just kept hurting myself when I tried sumo. The video doesn't really show it, but I don't bother trying to arch my back much more either. I put more effort into bracing my abs and rib cage for back stability. My upper back looks pretty round at the bigger weights, but I quit tweaking my back every few months when I gave up on a "flat back."

Is this Bill Sindelair or Mac that is competing? Mac is the latest state chair, but bill is still really active with refereeing and competing as a master. Does this mean you'll compete at a meet in Nebraska some time soon?


Mr. Sindelar competed today and took first. Didn't realize he wasn't the chair anymore. I have competed in Nebraska and may do so again. Keep me posted on 2016 meet dates.


Thursday 10/1:
squat work up to 275x1, 2x1, 290 (belted) - was going to get 5x1 in, but work stuff kept me from getting my workout in before track team needed the racks to test bench (we only have 3 that don't have a wall in front of them). The 290 reps were good depth, though, so I'm fine with cutting it short.

Friday 10/2:
bench technique singles around 135 and then a bunch of upper body pump stuff.


Mon 10/5:
Squat 5x235, 3x265, 1x285 (loose belt) smoked it, 1x300 (belt) miss.
Not sure what to think about my 300 rep. It felt solid all the way through?until it didn?t. It wasn?t a grind--more like I hit the sticking point, and where I can usually grind through, felt like I had no leverage. Technique looked fine on video, too (better than usual, actually). I wasn?t tired or anything either--285 was a breeze. I've got squat scheduled for Thursday, so reserving judgment until after then. I think it's just time to let some rest/recovery/nutrition bring out the extra pop I need for the meet.
Bench 5x120, 3x135, 1x145, 1x150 all paused - got greedy and tried to skip straight from 145 to 155 and missed, but went back down and got 150.
Biggest numbers I've managed to hit on bench going into a meet in a long time without hurting myself. I've been playing with my set-up and found a groove the last couple of workouts.

Last big deadlift day scheduled for tomorrow. Meet day is getting close, and I?m starting to get excited. Looking forward to meeting some really good lifters and watching a world record holder deadlift in my weight class.


Tuesday 10/6:
deadlift 5x315, 3x360, 2x400 (belted) - PR
deficits 5x1, 375
speed/technique 5x1, 315

More sore than usual from squats and deads the last two days. Good to know there is still some adaptation going on-- I've said it already this week, but the rest/recovery/nutrition leading up to the meet will be where I get the extra few pounds of "pop" I need for the meet.

fast forward to about 1:20 (I stand there for a bit collecting myself until then :p)


Thursday 10/8:
squat 3x1, 285/300/285 belted
went way better than Monday. 300 was still tough, but didn't get beat by the sticking point this time. Some good sleep tonight and an uppper body day tomorrow as my last real training day before the meet.


Good luck at the meet! Keep us updated.


Thank you, scoots! A long week of waiting ahead, but going to be a good time.


Nationals was a lot of fun and definitely a learning experience. Met some great lifters, too. The meet was really well run with 4 platforms of 2 flights each in my Friday afternoon session. We started lifting at 6pm, and we were waiting around for awards at 9:30?you read that right, all 9 attempts in less than 3.5 hours. As soon as we finished 3rd attempts, it was time to start warming up for the next lift. Usually there is time between attempts to watch the video of my previous lift and reset if something didn?t go quite right, but not this time. I didn?t even have time to watch the other lifters in my flight much. I can see now why everyone else in my flight but me had a handler turning in next attempts, helping with belts, sleeves, wraps, etc., but I still managed a new total, so while it would have been nice, I don?t think it hurt me to do it on my own like usual.

Squat 286.6/303.1/308.6 (miss) - ties my PR
Bench 143.3 (missed this on my opener, and was successful on 2nd attempt, failed 148). Looking back, I probably let the pace rattle me a bit and I rushed my set-up.
Deadlift 385.8/407.5/413.3 meet PR
Total 859.8 PR
Waiting to get videos back from my dad of my attempts

Tied for 11th - a little short of my goal of top 10. If I had hit 154 on bench, I?d have edged out a tie for 9th on .25 kilos of bodyweight. It bothers me a little to have left 10lbs out there on bench, but since I was able to make up for it enough with deadlift for a new best total, I won?t lose too much sleep. Everyone else in my flight could bench at least 20lbs more than me, so that wasn?t where I was going to beat anyone anyway.

As for the winner of my weight class, Kim Walford (also world champion) went 396/248/518 (I got to watch her last attempt at 535, but she missed), for an 1162.9 total.
The superheavyweight world champ out of Omaha, Bonica Lough went 9/9 with 584.2/330.6/523.6 for an 1438.5 total ? wow. I don?t have any problem bragging that we?re friends. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for all of the support. The goal of squatting 3 plates is still hanging out there for me, so still work left to do.


Back at it. New long-term goal is to get my bench up enough to make going to Raw Nationals worth it two years from now. Squat is respectable and deadlift helps me make up ground, but against elite lifters, my bench takes me out of the running. Going to take time off from competition until then. I?ve taken the USAPL test to be a referee, so I?ll stay connected to the sport and go to meets in that capacity.
More immediate goals are to put on muscle (my mom said I looked skinny compared to the rest of the lifters on my platform, which I?m sure she thought was a compliment, haha), address some mobility issues (as in actually do warm-up exercises instead of warm-up sets alone) and start doing some more athletic stuff (cleaning, jumping, playing basketball and racquetball again).

Thursday 10/22:
Warm-up/mobility stuff
2x10 metabolic circuit ? just to get moving again.
Safety squat 115
V-squat 90
Triceps 115
Low row 150
SL squat ? 20
Push-pull 1 & 2- 45
Decline Push-pull 1 & 2 ? 45
Single-arm triceps 50

Friday 10/23:
Warm-up/mobility stuff
Hang Clean 3x5 105/105/110 ? best power 718watts
DB Bench 1x20, 30s
Hammer Row 1x20 each, 70
Triceps Push-down 1x20, 90
Farmer Walk 2x20yds, 70


Congratulations on a job well done. I am sure you will be in the top 10 next time. Much respect.


Congratulations. Kim Walford is some tough competition.

I got a sneak peak at the proposed qualifying totals for future Raw Nats. If approved, it will definitely cut down on the number of entries henceforth.

And no video?


Waiting on my dad to figure out how to post the videos from his phone. :stuck_out_tongue:
He's 68--might have to do it myself when I see him at thanksgiving


Thank you! I've giving myself 2 years to get my bench to a respectable level and compete at that level again. Compared to elite lifters, my squat is a little bit below average, but not bad enough to put me out of the running. Deadlift helps me make up some ground, but not as much ground as bench sets me back.