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L-Arginine L-Ornithine?


GNC Pro Performance - L-Arginine L-Ornithine
Is this product worth taking? I was talking to a guy and he was hyping up this stuff saying I should try it. I said I would investigate online and so far I like what I have read.
Any of you guys have any opinions/experiences with it?
I tried the search button but it wouldnt load so dont get mad a me if its been covered already


Turn your pop-up blocker off for the search box. I haven't used either product.


I personally wouldnt spend money on it, I tried it and think its crap. A waste of money. Honestly stick with protein and lifting heavy.


Save your money. The dosages that might be effective cost far more than you would ever want to spend.


Taking freeform L-Arginine is a good way of getting a coldsore outbreak if you have had them before.


They don't work! Wish I had better news for you.


garbage, fuckin garbage.

tin can


Thanks alot guys!
Im glad I waited for your advice cause it saved me some cash.