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L-Arginine and L-Citrulline to Lower Blood Pressure?

My blood pressure seems to have risen since starting TRT and was looking for natural ways to get it down before meds. Also have started to get headaches more often working out that I believe is probably stemming from the high blood pressure. Reading into both l-arginine and l-citrulline are said to help lower BP. Hoping anyone that happens to use either or both l-arginine and l-citrulline amino supplements would be willing to share their experience using them. While I wouldn’t say I have ED, harder down there wouldn’t be a bad thing either so hoping for any experience to share on that also. Also looking for a effective dose being used.

Give it a go and see if it offers enough. If all fails you could use 5mg Cialis per day. Apparently it helps the prostate and can slightly lower blood pressure. It can be exaggerated if Cialis is taken with any Nitrates though so just a heads up. It will work wonders down below also. Give the supplements a crack first and take it from there.

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I would love to use Cialis but that shit is so damn expensive! I though about ordering from overseas but I don’t know where to go for an actual legitimate source so that is out. Also thought about using generic Viagra and just cutting a 100mg pill into quarters to spread out as I have heard people do that.

Cialis used to be pretty expensive until the patent ran out, like Viagra you can also buy generic Cialis which works great for a fraction of the price. Most pharmacies here in the UK sell it basically over the counter now. The thing with Viagra is it has a lot more side effects like flushed face and a feeling like you are on drugs. It only lasts around 4 hours give or take. Cialis lasts up to 36 hours and has way less sides. When I take it I don’t even know I’ve taken anything. Shop around for generic Cialis. It’s still made by reputable sources. I’d try the supplements first though, that might be all you need.

You could always do some cardio and lose some body fat rather than throw drugs at it. That’s how we used to do it back in the day.

I wish it would of come down here in the US but for one 20mg pill it is about $30. Double that for name brand from what I have seen.

Yeah that’s why I was looking at supplements instead to help while I do that. I am trying to get it down naturally as possible but wasn’t a problem before TRT. Only reason I was looking at Viagra and Cialis were the added benefits that have been stated that people see while working out. Do not want to be on blood pressure meds.

Superbeets twice a day. I could not believe how well it dropped my BP.
Also Cialas and Viagra are not the same cialas is much better for BP and it will give you great pumps at the gym. Google: secure-tabs-2016 for a great place. I buy 2.5mg for daily and 5mg Cialas for fun night with the wifey,
Viagra are .32 and cialas is .67 cents each. Yes cents.


Thanks brother I will look into that.

My blood pressure was horrible, think 165/135. I made no changes to diet and exercise, started popping citrulline and arginine like Skittles. My blood pressure is now 120/65 regularly. That’s all you need, and the supplements are cheap (I use NOW products off Amazon).

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How much of each do you take? I started citrulline and have felt a difference but not sure if I have moved the needle on the BP yet, as I haven’t had it checked. Do you know how long it took for you to see a difference?

I buy in in the bulk bags to save money. I believe the recommended dose for an NO stack is 3g citrulline and 1g arginine twice a day.

My citrulline is powder form from bulk supplements but is the malate form. I’ve been taking two heaping teaspoons and if I remember right is just below 3 grams a teaspoon. Take it twice a day. So if I understand it correctly I believe I am getting 4 grams of citrulline and 2 grams malic acid each time I’m taking it with a total of 8 grams a day. Hesitant to throw arginine in the mix as the various studies that say majority of it does not make it past digestion. On top of that the sides that may be seen with it. I am already prone to cold sores so don’t want to increase my odds of getting them. Its hard to say what the effective dose of this stuff as I have seen recommended down to 3 grams a day all the way up to 18.

I dont take it for blood pressure but I take red beetroot powder a few hours pre workout and then take citrulline closer to preworkout. My teammates tell me they have no idea how I get such a pump from low rep ranges lol

1.2g citrulline and 4g arginine on empty stomach. Upon waking, between meals, before bed (4x-5x a day). I weigh about 188.

You have any sides with that dosage of arginine?

Nope, it’s never bothered me at all.

I feel I should caveat my first reply a bit. I stated with lower doses first, pretty much half what I take currently. It lowered my blood pressure but not to the point of perfect, so I gradually added more until I got my blood pressure to perfect or even a bit lower. I’ve heard from others who’ve started with a high dose of arginine sometimes they get cramps or the runs.

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That is what I was curious about

I’m not a doctor so I’d always advise you to consult your physician. However, if you want to try it out do it on a weekend you don’t have much going on. Start with a smaller dose, see how you feel. Worst case you have the runs for a day, best case you’ve drastically lowered your risk of heart attack and stroke.