L.A./Santa Monica

I’ll be spending some time (vacation) in Los Angeles and Santa Monica and was wondering if any of you guys have any recommendations on food/entertainment/sites, etc.

I have never been and help would be greatly appreciated.


I just moved here myself and don’t exactly know where all the hot spots are yet.

But if you’re single and you’re able to travel a little bit (20-30 minute drive), I’d recommend going down to Hermosa Beach. Its got some pretty good nightlife and as far as (most) beaches in LA county, it seems to be where the young crowd hangs out.

Or if you want to travel more, go down to the beaches in Orange County, (Huntington, Laguna, etc) theres all kinds of superficial babes looking for rich guys to give it up to.

try the Lobster restaurant at the top of the santa monica pier. great calamari, great meals, good beer (shipwreck or shipyard ale), killer desert too.

You can’t beat a lunch at “The Ivy.” Bring your bag of cash, though.

Thanks for the advice.

Why not check out a seminar while you’re there? :slight_smile:


[quote]Eric Cressey wrote:
Why not check out a seminar while you’re there? :slight_smile:


That looks fantastic. :slight_smile:

I know some pretty skanky whores that you might wanna hang out with.

Though I can’t make any guarantees about their lack of crabs, the clap, herpes, genital warts or SARs.