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L.A. Fitness

So, the L.A. Fitness I work out at just opened a new “snack” bar for all the old housewives and retired men who work out there.

Along with the normal Met-Rex RTD’s and Labrada Lean Body bars, I found an interesting “health” food that they’re selling there. Oreo cookies. That’s right, they have Oreo’s right in the very front of the counter, right next to the apples.

“Mmm…Oreo’s. Twist your way to health.” Unbelievable.


They sell beer and wine at the club I work at. The owner has a crew of handball players that drink more than they play handball. On a positive note gym has db’s up to 150 and there is a power rack.


Yes it’s unbelieveable to us, but it’s a smart business move if you think about it.

High-yield ordinance.

That’s all you really need.

Mine sells detour bars and pop. No oreos, but if someone asked for them, they’d probably start selling them.

Mine has a little rack on the front desk with Fritos, Lays, etc. Unbelievable.

Job security for the owners, I guess. Feed 'em fatty garbage as they head out, they’ll feel guilty, depressed, and fat afterwards and then come back in to make up for it.

Ike: High-yield laws?

Ohhhhhh, I get it. You meant “ordnance”…

(Just messin’ witcha, bro… :wink: )

Lifetime Fitness I used to belong to sold crap at their “health food store”. And it had the most pathetic weight floor, I almost cried when I saw it.

The Gold’s I belong to now sells Myoplex pre-mixed mrp’s, water, and some other “sports” drinks. And it also sells fresh apples. That’s it. Thank God! :slight_smile: