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L.A. Fitness/Jack in the Box?


so i am walking through the LA fitness here in s.d. when i see a poster with a sorta slender 10% bf womens abdomen with a smilie face painted on it. upon closer inspection it was a jack in the box add!! what the fuck? a jack in the crack add in the gym? and it's not just one, they are ALL over that place. what the fuck?


After a hard workout people get hungary; makes sense to me.


Jack rocks :slightly_smiling: But I don't eat his stuff


What did Hungary ever do to them? Now Bulgaria, that's who they should get!


Even the 24 hour crapness here in UTC la jolla doesnt have those! lol

What LA fitness do you go to?


what are they adding?


I had a similar experience where I live. At the front desk at my gym where you scan in at, there are cards for Johnny Rockets (a burger and fries joint). I said something to one of the guys who worked there and he just kinda shrugged it off. I guess they will do anything for money, considering they charge people to display their business cards.


My gym is much worse...there will be days where Chik-fila or however you spell it lol will have a table at the front door and offer samples of greasy chicken nuggets. I was shocked...I guess that is one way to make sure people keep coming if they stay fat!


you're gorgeous.


clairmont mesa and 805.


My gym has a mcdonalds add in it. I didn't realize the other big chains were doing this too-selling their wall space for advertising dough.
It comes across as really low class and it pisses the members off too.
Talk about anything to make a buck.
Our add has the mcdonalds asian salad. I can't really believe it is all to healthy.
I would imagine even the vegetables on it have to be pretty nutritionally void.