Kyphosis- Should this prevent me from training?

Hey, I just got one more question. I have sherman’s disease which just means I was born with genetic disposition towards spinal kyphosis or curving. I had x rays when i was 17 and i beleive it was at a 70 percent angle or something, im not quite sure, but I do know the docter said it was a minor spinal kyphosis and surgery was absolutely not necessary and would not effect me in sports or anything, but surgery could be done if I wanted to have perfect posture. Back surgery is’nt really my thing, nor is having a titanium rod implanted in my body. I’m 19 now, and can stand straight enough for anyone to look normal, with my shirt on, if I want to. But it isnt comfortable and hurts my shoulder blades especially, the pain is’nt that bad but normaly im lazy and go around with horrible posture anyway.

My question is should I stay away from heavy training to prevent shoulder injury? Im currently on Ian King’s bulking exercises. Also will the exercises in the curing your hunchback article help me at all?

thank you

Paying strict attention to form and adding strength to your core is going to do nothing but help your problem. As far as I am concerned. Keep in mind I am not a doc.

I would make sure you do pay even greater attention to proper form than the average person, but the training should do you good.


i would also say that it would benefit you to concentrate extra on your form but the best option in my opinion is to speak to a doctor and/or a physiotherapist