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Kyphosis/Office Slump - Looking For Advice


I'm 24, I suffered from kyphosis (rounding of the spine) when I was a kid. Wore a back brace for 10 months which fixed my posture and put it in normal range.

I have a new very demanding job (two months in) where I work on average 50 or so hours a week and go through a 2.5 hour commute everyday. My posture is suffering a result of sitting for so long.

What can I do to fix my slumping back and shoulders in the little time I have before/after work each day?

Are there any simple exercises (other then the basic plank, dry land swimming, etc) that I can do at home with some weights or at the gym to help prop my back up and fix my posture? Whatabout on the weekends when I have more time as well?

Pic should be attached with this message.

Thanks in advance for your advice.


deadlifts, squats, rows. but by all means, start lifting weights, it will be great for you.

Make time. After a long day of sitting down, lifting weights for an hour will feel great. Lift both days on the weekend and at least 1-3 of the other days.


I have a similar problem due to an injury. What works for me are face pulls, reverse flys, cable rows. Basically anything that causes a contraction of the shoulder blades. Mobility and stretching is also useful - foam rolling, cat/camels, etc.


Any row where you focus on retracting your shoulder blades (try to touch them together) should help. Also, if time is an issue, get a pull-up bar and start doing those. Added benefit to pull-ups: feeling like a boss