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Kyphosis/Lordosis Corrective Routine

I have mild kyphosis and lordosis. I’ve been using this routine for about two months have noticed some improvement not only in my posture but also in my mobility. For instance, I used to fall backwards while squatting and I couldn’t lunge without falling over. No more. The overhead squat (with a broomstick) is also much easier. It feels good. If anyone has any suggestions or criticisms (additions/deletions/modifications), I would like to hear them. Thank you.

Day 1:

3 X 6 Snatch Grip Deadlift on 1-inch Board
3 X 6 Dumbbell Rows

Ab Roller: 3 sets of 15 second isometric holds.

Day 2:

15 minutes HIIT Treadmill on Radical Incline (for fat loss and posterior strength).

Day 3:

8 X 4 Box Step Ups
8 X 4 Dumbell Side Bends
8 X 4 Cable Crunch (Standing)
8 X 4 Face Pulls
8 X 4 Cable Rows (Wide Grip)
8 X 4 Dip Shrugs
10 X 3 Scap Pushups

Day 4:

10 X 4 Kettlbell Swings

Daily Stretchs and Mobility Work:

Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch, Calf Stretch, Quad Stretch, Pectoral Stretch, Lat Stretch, Internal Rotator Stretch, Neck Stretch, Lunges.

I had a similar problem, one thing that has helped me a ton is to do your box step ups with a barbell and front squat grip. Tough…and do some lunges with a front squat grip. Also, hit that foam roller man…always hit that foam roller. Roll thoracic spine, lats, glutes, hip flexors and quads. good work!

I saw a physiotheraphist for the same problem - he has me run paper tape (medical tape) down my spine which acted as a constant reminder when I wasn’t in the gym. If I slumped my posture the tape pulled at my skin and gently reminded me stand or sit straighter. It worked. Does something like retrain the muscles in my back.

I am in the gym tops 1 hr, this taping my back took care of the rest of the day and reinforced my gym work.

Something you may benefit from.

I know this is an old topic, but I’m struggling with this at the moment. Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with this? What worked well etc…

[quote]HiFiBoy wrote:
I know this is an old topic, but I’m struggling with this at the moment. Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with this? What worked well etc…[/quote]

what does your training look like? I know in order to help kyphosis you really need to stretch your chest and work on the smaller muscles in your upper back (the teres and rhomboid groups mostly). Try and lay off the lats and the pecs, an over development of those two muscle groups can cause shoulder rounding and kyphosis. As far as lordosis goes, i am not entirely sure, but, google posture exams and get in the habit of keeping a neutral spine, no slouching, bodyweight distributed evenly across both feet, earlobe directly over your AC joint at all times.

Try Robertson and Cressey’s Neanderthal No More series. It’s a program specifically tailored to improving posture (lordosis, kyphosis, forward head posture, internally rotated arms, externally rotated legs, etc.)

Gentilcore and Smith also have a series that might help.

Give both a read and see which you feel would be more helpful to you.

Thanks for that, Haavik. I’ll look into it.