anyody have any experience with this, or know of anyone that’s actually used this? it’s supposed to be a decent non-stimulnat fat burner, as well as being somewhat anti-catabolic…

cyco- i’ve heard so many mixed reviews on this. I’ve heard some people say it didn’t do shit for them and the frequent injections were a pain in the ass. I’ve heard other people that it helped them to lose some fat. I’ve heard other people saying that it gave them lean hard muscle gains.

The one thing i’ve noticed though is that the natural guys have given it better reviews than the aas guys. I’m planning on trying it sometime soon.

Same thing heard here. If fact I had one buddy who was natural use it and tell me it was great, then he did a cycle, tried it again and said it didn’t do jack shit. Placebo effect?? Perhaps. Personally I’d probably try pgh (and have) before I tried kyno. It definitely helps with sleep and promotes some vascularity. It’s pretty cheap to.

i have tried the stuff and can say that i like it both on and off cycle. if you can handle all the shots go for it. i noticed an increase in my body temperature just as when i used to use ephedra. vascularity is improved and and with sub q body part shots i noticed a direct correlation with hardness and pump. i used 29g insulin needles and i had abcesses that some lasted for over a month. I had 2 friends that also experienced the exact same thing. i talked to a diabetic and he explained to me that that can be a side effect of shots too close around the belly button (6 inch circumference) and in areas that rub or easily become irritated. inner thighs and arms. over all i did like it and it is cheap. less than $35 a bottle (100cc per bottle) but the insulin needles are almost as much. just my 2 cents

interesting…i guess there’s also a newer product out called Syntheselen, that was ATP in in instead of AMP. i’ve heard the dose is 2-3 ml subcutaneously EOD…is that what y’all did with the Kyno??

also, what’s PGH wideguy??