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Kyno-h, Bill whatta' ya' think

Do you guys know about kyno-h? andoniene mono phosphate is the main ingredient.Any ones opinion would be appreciated. Thanks

The jury is still out on Kynoselen. Kyno-h is a Kynoselen ripoff without the main ingredient. I know of others on other boards experimenting with it right now, no localized fat loss from site injections but fatloss all over. They very well could be on other stuff though.

It is garbage, don’t waste any money on it-TOTAL SCAM.
Use the injectable.

any chance to stick a needle in you self and you up for it huh?

The search engine should turn up a post I did on it a while back. I agree with JW that if the concept is any good at all, it would be the injectable that might be of some value.

Actually Hetyetey or what the hell ever it is, I avoid using an injection if I can. I was just pointing out the FACT that the oral supplement is a scam & the injectable version seems to be the only one with promise from a scientific & real world standpoint.
Then again Bill already backed me up-I doubt he would agree with anything that floats around in that little head of yours.

what??? boy you are dumb!!!

Well, if it wasn’t you I apologize.