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Kyle's 1st Log


I'm 6'2" 270lb. i have a 485 pound back squat, 300lb bench, 275lb clean, 375lb front squat. right now the only thing i'm taking is a multivitamin, fish oil, and after a work out i drink a protein shake. I lift twice a day monday through Thursday, I work legs Monday and Wednesday and upper body Tuesday and Thursday Abs everyday.


second day of lifting for this week. yesterday i got up to 405x5 on back squat and 70 kilos on snatch. today was arms i got up to 295x5 on bench 60lb 0f that was chains though. deit wise im still trying to find a good set up for food. right now i have 4 eggs in the morning. then protein shake after working out then some type of meat for lunch I.E. chicken. then i lift again and then i change up dinner every night but basically veg. meat and grain.


today was legs again. i have videos of my front squat and dead lift. i also did clean and jerks for 110kg


dead lifts


front squat



today was arms. the first part of today’s lifting wasn’t great. then the second session of lifting was better implemented 4 sets of 25 on push ups crunches and dry squats. then did burn out on bench triceps and biceps. yesterday was legs and finally got up to 75kg full depth on snatch and hit 405x5 again on back squats. im starting to figure out i good diet. right now i’m just doing 4 eggs in the morning protein shake after first session of lifting. then about an hr later have a moderate lunch lift again and then come home have a small dinner then wait about an hr have another small meal.


had legs today. got up to 115kg on cj and then did 315lbx5 on front squat. next i got up to 170kg x5 on dead lifts. came back and did rack extensions, jump shrugs, vert mat and abs. over all pretty good day of lifting everything felt smooth.


went in to day on a tech session. i got up to 75kg in snatch with full depth. then did 122kg in cj which is a new personal record. Now that im really focusing on tech the oly lifts are really coming along.


kind of a crappy snatch day. i got up to 70kg but it didnt really feel smooth. luckly i had a good squat day and got up to 415x5. also did some core work but over all decent day