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Kyle Rittenhouse Trial and the Law of Self-Defense

I know the topic of the legal aspects of self-defense comes up here from time to time. Legal Insurrection’s coverage of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial contains a great deal of excellent legal commentary on the relevant evidence that would support or undermine a self-defense claim. Obviously LI’s take is very sympathetic to Rittenhouse’s defense, but regardless of your opinion on the case, if you’re interested in this topic at all (and you should be), you will find a great deal of food for thought here.

Seems like self defense is a good argument in this case, and I doubt he gets convicted of anything significant.

That said, fuck him. Douchebag and friends dressed up in their best gravy seals attire, illegally obtained a fucking assault rifle meant specifically for killing humans, travelled across statelines to where he knew people he despised where gathering and dared them to attack. And now he has become a cult hero of the alt-right because he killed some liberals.


He had every reason to defend himself, but his reasons for being there are inexcusable. These are the type of people that are attempting to instigate a civil war… dude was a good shot though


Fortunately, the people he shot were probably bigger Douchebags than he was.


This made me laugh out loud.


yeah, in its’ description it says AR (Assault Rifle) -15: a weapon type only used for shooting humans. Sometimes it malfunctions and only wounds them, but don’t worry about that. Also, follow the instructions below to disable them.

AR isn’t for assault rifle. It’s ArmaLite Rifle–the original manufacturer. And I use mine for target practice often. I’ve shot thousands of rounds through it and have never used it to shoot a human.


lol everything in my response was satire. If you drill a hole in the lower receiver, specifically there, it turns into a full-auto M-16 :joy:


You’ve already been corrected in the correct meaning of “AR” so I won’t address that.

The picture in which you’ve posted, should you indeed modify that weapon in that way, would be a prison sentence as well as felony charges.

The ATF has very strict laws about modifying weapons and what and who can do that.

Edit: just saw you were joking. You never know unfortunately, your satire argument is indeed a real one used often.


My bad. Didn’t catch the satire. Didn’t even look at the picture.

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From the color to the accessories, his rifle was not meant for hunting. It was made to look as combat ready as possible for a user with combat fantasies.

Not a guns thread though.

I think it’s safe to say that all four of the guys in question were LARPing.


He said it was for shooting at the range while he was on the stand.

I didn’t know the color is what made a gun “human killing machine” vs docile. It’s an interesting concept for sure. Any particular colors I should stay away from?

I feel like In 2021 we shouldn’t be judging based on color…


Pink. It kills the resale value should you ever have to sell it. But if buying used, a pink gun can be had for cheap. You could go with the pink camo if you want to be a little tougher.


Don’t make it look combat ready. Pretty easy to do. I own an assault rifle. But it looks like a standard hinting rifle because I don’t have combat fantasies and am not a gravy seal.

It’s like someone owning a ricer car. They either street race, or have street racing fantasies.

Now, when you seek out a combat situation with people you despise, and bring your rifle you paid hundreds to make look combat ready, and then shoot multiple people… You can get fucked.

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I don’t want to play anymore but this is a wild way of thinking (imo), but I respect your opinion sir.

Also, it was for seeking out combat situations against people he despised with his gravy seal pals one state over.

I wouldn’t get too into the gun he was using. I have a liberal friend who is not violent at all, but has his AR-15 decked out with all sorts of tactical stuff. He just likes it. No reason to have it other than enjoyment of having something he thinks is cool.

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Lmao. Bunch of douchebags go riot in a foreign town and then they are met by locals. A local 16 years old boy manhandles them when they try to kill him. The boy kills a child molester and a wife beater in an act of self defence and is now a far right.