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Kyle Gulledge

Does anyone have any more info or videos of his lifting? I was going through youtube and happened to come across his crazy deadlifts at 19 but that was the only video posted of him.

What federation is he in, other stats and such (bench, squat)… any info is appreciated.


:video for anyone who hasn’t seen it,

From what I have read/heard he is attending chiropractic school and doesn’t lift anymore. From an old interview, it said he totaled 2200 in the APF with an 800 squat, 570 bench, and an 830 deadlift.

Does his brother Dave still compete? I’m not 100% sure, but didn’t they belong to Midwest Barbell?

Yes, both dave and Kyle lifted for the Midwest Maddogs powerlifting team in the APF. Both of them are pursuing academics and not really competing at this time.

I believe Kyle is still at Chiro school and last I heard Dave was working on his Masters. They are both great guys. When I started PL almost 2 years ago my first meet was a push/pull where Dave benched 755 @ 275 and Kyle pulled over 800 at SH.

They used to “hang out” quite a bit at the total elite forum, but have been pretty low key lately. I’m sure (hope) they’ll break back in eventually.