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Very interesting… A law professor from University of San Diego offers some information on the history of Kwanzaa – it weren’t no traditional African holiday…


On the First Day of Kwanzaa, My True Love Tortured Me … (Reprise)
By Gail Heriot

When the wife and I was younger, we first heard about Kwanzaa. We learned just a bit about it and thought the values behind the celebration were noble.

Also being fond of candle rituals, we were going to buy some candles for it. Then we learned that ‘traditionally’, whites were NOT to celebrate Kwanzaa! For blacks ONLY!

So… it’s a non-traditional, bogus, non-religious, racist holiday.


I knew that it was invented (I figured everyone knew that), but I didn’t know about the ties to criminal activity.

Interesting stuff, though we might want to also consider that Christianity may have been successful partly due to Jewish resistance groups that wanted freedom from Roman domination.

Then again, they probably didn’t shake down the local pizza shop, either.