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Kwame Goes to Prison!

“Whaaaaaa! They just hatin’ on me!”, this guy is a real fucking piece of work:

Good riddance. Unfortunately, this prison sentence is only going to make him even more popular. When he gets out in, oh… 18 months, he’ll be running for fucking president.

Hey Kwame, today is Tuesday, which means it’s taco night, have fun with the mystery meat that sweats in the cold. If he appeals, he can be slammed with an even harder sentence, judges don’t like to be second guessed.

I’m making book right here that he’ll find a way to make the news even while in Jackson State. It would almost not have been possible for anybody to have been worse for the city of Detroit. Mitch Albom went to Japan for some function and was asked about Kwame over there in an interview. It’s pretty bad when an American mayor’s infamy has reached the point where a Detroit personality can’t go to the other side of the world without being asked about him. Wadda shameless disaster.