Kurt Russel = Da MAN!!!!!

Ok guys im throwing down Kurt Russel as my FAVORITE ACTOR EVER. Why? Because I have NEVER in my life seen an unentertaining Kurt Russel movie ever, Even Escape from LA! Breakdown, Stargate, CAPTAIN RON!!!, Big Trouble in Little China, Executive Decision and particularly, DARK BLUE. Beat my ass if you want be he’s a TRUE T-man and makes movies for T-man who like guns, fighting, killing, and good guys winning! Reminds me of good ol’ GIJOE.hehe ~Porchpooch

soldier kicked ass too…


You forgot to mention his tossled hair, blue eyes, dimples and cleft chin…mmmmmmm Kurt Russel!!

But, does he deadlift?? (hi Ike)


“I told you to stay right be-fuckin- side me Brian!”

Kurt Russel is hot. Even my mama thinks he’s hot…and if we can agree on that, he’s special!!
We also agree on Harrison Ford and Sean Connery.

Disney movies – The Strongest Man in the World (sure he lifts), The Computer who Wore Tennis Shoes…

Tango and Cash.

Backdraft was superb.

Executive Decision… well, they killed Steven Seagal. Some would say for the better, but I wanted to see him kick some ass.


Tombstone is by far his best…big martin

OOoooohhhh yeah… SOLDIER did kick ass.

Tequila Sunrise. With Mel Gibson and mmmhhhmmm Michelle Pfieffer. You may have heard of them… :wink:

Actually, Kurt Russell is cool, but not only for his movie stuff. He’s been the Significant Other of one of the hottest women ever, Goldie Hawn (dang, man, she was hot when I was a kid! Will she EVER age???), and he had one of the best comments on male-female relationships that I ever heard.

To wit: “Women want to be equal in relationships. They do not want to be equal in bed.”

All hail the Master…

Just remembered THE BEST OF TIMES. Classic.

I love Kurt Russel and I love Ron Shelton, but Dark Blue sucked donkey balls.

“Backdraft” was the shit. Too bad we’ve all probably seen “Overboard” about 8091 times each.

I even liked Breakdown.

Don’t forget Kurt’s arms and shoulders are as big as your typical 59 year old card playing woman.

Tango and Cash and little trouble were good sunday nite TV movies, but hardly worth 10 buck at the movies as for the rest of them, utter crap. dark blue was dreary bollocks