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Kudos to Staley and RIT Jared

I just came back from the seminar by charles staley at the Rochester Institute of technology. Even though I am nursing my bed sores from the 10 drive from hell on the way up, I still say the trip was well worth it. I want to thank everyone involved for putting on such a great presentation. There is nothing like holding a seminar at a technical college, this thing had better sound than a rock concert. So kudos to RIT Jared and the beautiful Michelle Blinnd for running such a smooth show. Even more kudos to Charles for putting on a great presentation for over 750 people! I had a lot of fun and learned a lot too.

Way to go Jared! I really wanted to try to get back there to see the presentation. If only my girlfriend wasn’t sick on bed rest and I wasn’t so far away in WA with just about $0 to buy plane tickets, I would have made it. =P
Seriously though, way to go with getting this thing organized and sucessful. Maybe you could summarize for us so we can learn some secret tips. For those of you that don’t know, Jared is an extremely intelligent individual, and his posts on T-Nation are always well worth a good read. :wink: