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Kucinich sues cafeteria



What a joke! This jackass is taking the congressional cafeteria to court for $150K for "serious and permanent" damage. Are you fucking kidding me?


$150K should fix that chipped tooth nicely. Hell, I'd replace it with gold. Pimp daddy Kucinich


And there goes the rest of his future political career.


His wife is severely dickable. How on Earth did he pull this one off?



I doubt a pussy like Kucinich would know what to do with a piece of ass like that ^^^.


Like he had a great one before this moronic move?


I remember he went on Bill Maher's show not long ago, and Maher was all over his nuts. Maybe he can get some good weed from Maher and help relieve some of his tooth pain.


What a douche.


I remember Dennis Kucinich. Well, barely. See when I was 17 (underage!) I was playing an outdoor concert with an orchestra while he was the mayor of Cleveland, called "The Party in the Park." The way it worked, you bought tickets for beer (that's when they'd check you ID), then could get beer for the tickets.

Long story short, the mayor's office supplied the orchestra with all the tickets we wanted and we got so fucking plastered during the show it was unbelievable. We ended by playing the 1812 Overture and the percussion section was so smashed they ended up miking (using a microphone on) a drunk stomping on cups to do the cannon shots. We were that far gone. I still can't drink Stroh's beer without getting really queasy.

Just shows what good government can do for you.... I sez we make him the next prez.

-- jj


Just out of curiosity, what is the appropriate course of action in a situation like this?

You buy something that should be free from hazardous materials and it ends up injuring you during normal use.

Negligence by someone OTHER than the end user caused the injury.

If it's fair to sue a school and a strength coach because of an injury sustained due to their negligence, is it not appropriate to sue a restaurant because of the negligence of their sandwich maker?

Am I missing something does the fact that he's a democrat have a bigger impact on what is appropriate?


Because the men on these boards would foam roll that shit, rub some dirt on it, and get back to life. Some of us have a backbone. Because once you bend over, you don't really stand up straight quite the same again.


Yeah pretty much...you shouldn't expect an olive pit in a sandwich, so if he chipped his tooth on it, I'd say it's fair game to sue them...to repair the fucking tooth. $150,000? WTF, now THAT is a scumbag move, pretty sure that's what people are being critical, and rightfully so, about. That's enough to replace his damn mouth a couple times over. Fucking greedy bastards.


Can we at least accompany the tooth repair with a lobotomy? I mean, that might be worth $150K.


How much does it take to fix a tooth? 1-2 grand? If he took them to small claims I would have no problem with this.