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I'm sure many of you out there have enjoyed Kubrick's stuff. As good as his movies were, he was planning to put together his best work yet of Napoleon before he died. Supposedly he has read thousands of books and articles on the man and had been slowly putting this project together for 30 years! ( I guess it was his obsession)He had the script written out, but my question to you all is if you think they will ever bother filming it.

On one hand I'd love to see his supposed "best work", considering how great his other movies were, but on the other hand I dont know if it would be the same without his vision behind the camera. What do you think?


I'm not sure that the script will ever be made. I mean, who else could do it justice? The only director I can imagine that would be able to do the job right is Peter Weir. (or, uh, me. :wink:

If they gave it to Speilberg, I'd have to boycott it on principle.


If there's a finished script, I think it could work in the hands of the right director.

I'm big on scipts. I think they are by far the most important part of a movie.

But then again Kubrick wouldn't be able to edit the stuff that was shot, so we might end up with another Eyes Wide Shut . . . which wasn't that bad, but not great either.